The final deadline to apply for the Early Fall (August) term is August 1.



Offered completely online and requiring no supplemental on campus residency, the DMC program is accessible and affordable for students from around the world. Tuition and fees for the program are calculated on a per credit basis and are based upon the current 2017-2018 tuition and fee schedule (refer to "Reed College of Media - Data Marketing Communications MS" on fee schedule).

2017-2018 Tuition and Fee Schedule

(effective Fall 2017 through Summer 2018, subject to change in AY 2018-19)

All DMC students are assessed at the in-state tuition rate, regardless of residence.
Description Cost
Cost Per Credit Hour:
(includes University Tuition $453, University
Fees $72, College Tuition $355)

Cost Per Course (3 credit hours):  $2,640
Estimated Master’s Degree Program Cost 
(33 credit hours):

Yellow Ribbon Program Participant 

The WVU DMC graduate program is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and encourages eligible graduate students will be able to take advantage of the veteran educational benefits. Those receiving the maximum benefit from the Post 9/11 GI Bill may receive additional funding to cover the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees. For questions about your eligibility please contact the WVU Veterans office at 304-293-8262 or

Financial Aid 

The WVU Financial Aid Office will work with you to access federal student loans to assist with the costs of your master’s degree education. You can contact the WVU Financial Aid Office at 304-293-5242 or Clearly identify yourself as a graduate student in/interested in the DMC online graduate program so you can be helped appropriately.

For DMC online graduate students, the following types of aid are generally available:

  1. Federal Direct Student Loans 
    • Direct Unsubsidized Loans are loans made to eligible graduate and professional students, but the student does not have to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the loan
    • Must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year
    • Must be degree seeking 
    • Maximum annual amount $20,500 (unsubsidized only) or cost of education
    • Must be enrolled at least half-time (a minimum of 4 credit hours in fall/spring and 3 credit hours in summer) during the term for which the loan is processed
    • Current interest rates and repayment terms for federal student loans are published on the Federal Student Aid website
  2. Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans 
    • Direct PLUS Loans are loans made to eligible graduate and professional degree students who need to borrow more than the maximum unsubsidized loan amounts to meet their education costs
    • Credit based loan (a credit check will be done)
    • Must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year
    • Must be degree seeking
    • Maximum annual amount is the cost of attendance minus any other financial assistance received (including Federal Direct Student Loan)
    • Must be enrolled at least half-time (a minimum of 4 credit hours in fall/spring and 3 credit hours in summer) during the term for which the loan is processed
    • Current interest rates and repayment terms for federal student loans are published on the Federal Student Aid website
  3. Private Loans
    • Private student loans are nonfederal loans, made by a lender such as a bank, credit union, state agency, etc.
    • Credit based loan (a credit check will be done)
    • Must submit application materials directly to the private lender
    • Eligibility, interest rates and repayment provisions will vary by lender
    • You have the right to select the private lender of your choice
    • Access the list of lenders used by WVU students (neither WVU, the Financial Aid Office, or the DMC program intends any specific endorsement of these lenders)

Important Information about the Financial Aid Process

To allow sufficient time for processing, submit the FAFSA at least 8 weeks prior to the term in which you want financial aid.

In order to have aid processed in a timely manner, you must accept any aid offered to you that you wish to use. Information about your financial aid is available through the MIX/STAR system—Mountaineer Information Xpress (MIX) and Student and Technology Achieving Results (STAR). The WVU Financial Aid Office uses your MIX email to communicate with you. If you do not have your MIX email formally set up, then please contact the WVU Financial Aid Office directly, 304-293-5242 or, to inquire about your financial aid.

You must be pursuing a master’s degree. Financial aid is not available to non-degree students or students in graduate certificate programs.

Students who use federal loans will have to complete a promissory note and review loan counseling information if there is no record of previous borrowing through federal programs.

Financial aid may be adjusted if you alter your enrollment during the fall/spring/summer terms or if you do not earn at least one passing grade in a term. Previously awarded aid may be adjusted if you obtain additional funding that was not originally part of your financial aid package. Adjustments to financial aid can result in the need to return funds to WVU.

You must maintain a certain level of academic progress in order to retain potential eligibility for aid, also known as satisfactory academic progress. Students must successfully complete 80% of all attempted credits and maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average. For more details review the entire policy on satisfactory academic progress for graduate students.

Employer Reimbursement 

All invoices must be paid before the first day of the term, even when an employer is paying the bill. Some employers are willing to pay for a student’s tuition and fees in advance but require an invoice detailing the charges.

The employer must send a letter (on company letterhead) to WVU Online and Extended Campus, P.O. Box 6800, Morgantown, WV, 26506.

The letter must include authorization for WVU to bill the company for the student, the last four digits of the student’s social security number and the address where Extended Learning is to send the invoice. The letter must indicate what percentage the employer is willing to pay (e.g., 50% of invoice, 100% tuition and fees or the dollar amount). If the employer is paying less than 100%, the student must arrange to pay the balance before the first day of the term.

This letter should accompany student registrations every term. WVU Online and Extended Campus views this as payment for the course(s) and forwards it to the WVU Office of Student Accounts for processing.

If you have questions about your bill contact WVU Online and Extended Campus at 1-800-253-2762.

DMC Program Policy on WVU Employee University Tuition Waivers 

WVU employees are welcome to apply to the DMC program. WVU Graduate Education and Life allows eligible employees to receive waivers for a maximum of one graduate certificate in addition to one master’s degree and one doctoral degree, as relevant.

In order to apply as a University tuition-waived student, applicants are required to identify themselves as qualified to receive an employee University tuition waiver on the graduate application by indicating that they currently work for WVU. In addition, applicants who qualify for the employee University tuition waiver must complete all components of the application and admission requirements before they can be reviewed or considered for admission to the DMC program.

Admission to the program is competitive. The DMC program reserves the right to deny admission to any employee applicants who does not meet the qualifications required by the program.

Any student who applies and is admitted as a regular student is not eligible to later request a University tuition waiver once admitted to the program.

University tuition waivers for WVU employees only cover the cost for University Tuition, and employees are then responsible for Fees and College Tuition based on their residency status.

Employees at other institutions of higher learning in West Virginia are not eligible to receive a University tuition waiver to attend the DMC program.

DMC Program Policy on Graduate Assistant Tuition Waivers 

Students in the DMC program who secure a graduate assistant position at any academic or non-academic unit on campus will be eligible to receive a waiver of University tuition for DMC courses, as well as any stipend/compensation offered by the unit hosting the position. Payment of College Tuition and University fees is the student’s responsibility. For complete information on graduate assistant options at WVU, please visit the Graduate Education Assistantships website. For a listing of some openings, please visit our IMC Job Board as well as the WVU Office of Student Employment Archived Jobs List.

Questions? Contact Melanie Pitschke at or 304-293-5685.