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About Our Program

The DMC program is the nation’s first master’s degree focused specifically on the impact of data in marketing communications.

Data-driven marketing campaigns are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Organizations are realizing a greater need for marketers who are literate in data-driven marketing communications to bridge the gap between data scientists and communicators.

The WVU Reed College of Media's Data Marketing Communications (DMC) master's degree program produces critical thinkers who utilize available data to inform their strategic decisions, from campaign planning and development to measuring ROI and communicating success. Until now, academic programs that address this emerging industry need are designed either for statistics professionals or computer programmers. Our program is neither; it is completely designed around the marketer.

Our online program does not require any on-campus classroom attendance, enabling our students to earn a practical master’s degree from anywhere in the world in as little as 16 months.

WVU's Reed College of Media is proud to be at the forefront of marketing communications education. Our DMC program is the nation’s first master’s degree focused specifically on improving marketing communications effectiveness through insights gleaned from the vast array of data available in today's industry.

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The DMC program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The CIP Code is 09.0999.

Webinar Highlight

The Soft Sell: The Soft Skills Employers Want and How to Market Them

Presented by WVU Reed College of Media Director of Student Careers and Opportunities, Eric Minor

You'd think being a "people person" or a "lifelong learner" would be desirable skills for early-career job candidates, and they are. But are you just asking your prospective boss to take your word for it that the nice things you're saying about yourself are true? Soft skills are a big part of what you bring to the table! Let's talk about how whether you're doing the best possible PR for yourself!

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

Listen to Eric's Webinar