Tzeitel Haviland

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

A media manager with nearly 20 years of experience spanning traditional paid media outlets to the ever-changing data marketing landscape.

Tzeitel Haviland is currently the media manager at Verizon in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Before moving client-side, Haviland spent nearly 20 years at many of the most notable media agencies in the industry, including: MediaVest, Zenith and Havas Media.

Her knowledge of the industry spans traditional paid media outlets such as television, print and digital platforms, and she has been at the forefront during the development and ever-changing data marketing landscape, including programmatic buying. 

Tzeitel has proven experience delivering profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers and building solid corporate brands. She has worked extensively within consumer packaged goods and services categories. 

In addition to playing a key role in one of the first and largest shifts of media dollars from traditional TV to online video, she has helped clients embrace digital marketing through a surgical and strategic test and learn approach.  

Her dynamic personality, deep industry knowledge and ability to simplify the complex made her a critical component of agency business development teams and a leader in knowledge sharing and training.