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What is DMC?

The DMC program is the nation’s first master’s degree focused specifically on the impact of data in marketing communications.
Data Marketing Communications (DMC) merges insights gleaned through data analytics to drive effective integrated marketing communications campaigns.

Today's marketers don't need to be a data scientist or statistician, but they need to understand how to use information and tools that they produce for marketers to interpret data and turn it into decisions. Additionally, marketers need to be able to communicate complex ideas to those in their organization who are either "the numbers folks" or upper level management to gain consensus or approval for your objectives and goals. They must be able to articulate their success and demonstrate ROI.

In other words, marketers need to:
  • embrace the new reality of marketing communications in the industry
  • recognize how metrics and analysis inform marketing communications decision making
  • use current analytic methods such as segmentation and profiling to deliver ROI for their clients

Future communications leaders will steer their brands to success through the application of data-driven decision making - an essential skill set for all aspiring marketing communications professionals.

WVU's DMC master's program equips practitioners to excel by thinking critically to apply a practical approach to insight-driven marketing communications.

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