The DMC program is the nation’s first master’s degree focused specifically on the impact of data in marketing communications.

What is Data Marketing Communications?

Data Marketing Communications (DMC) blends the "art" and "science" of marketing communications. The WVU Reed College of Media launched this program in 2016 to address the industry's demand for more data-savvy communications professionals.

The DMC master's equips students with a better understanding of the relationship between data and the decisions and marketing communications executions informed and inspired by data.

Areas of focus include: audience segmentation, message customization, brand data collection and visualization, social media optimization, user experience platforms, campaign planning and programmatic media buying, campaign metrics and assessment and messaging for CRM.  

After completing this completely online, 33 credit master's program, students will be able to:
  • understand the basic principles of data marketing communications, media and web analytics;
  • understand the differences between reporting and analytics
  • recognize how metrics and analysis inform marketing communications decision making
  • explain how marketing communicators use current analytic methods such as segmentation and profiling to deliver ROI for their clients;
  • communicate key insights gleaned from data to marketing communications decisions makers; and
  • make marketing communications decisions informed by data.