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The ultimate goal is career advancement and salary increase.

We understand your end-game and we take it seriously. Data has never been more accessible and more usable in marketing. The DMC program prepares our graduates to have an advantage in the workplace because they learn to comprehend the melding of data through all phases of agency work including, planning, creative, production and media.

Career services available for our DMC graduates include:
  • Job Prep including mock interview sessions and resume reviews with our expert faculty. Our faculty are industry professionals, so they know what your future employers are looking for and can make sure you highlight those qualities.
  • WVU Marketing Communications Network is an exclusive network which allows you to connect with other graduates, current students and faculty of the IMC and DMC programs.
  • Integrate. An opportunity to come to the WVU campus and interact with industry experts, faculty and other students in a conference dedicated to marketing communications.



Contact Alex Jarvis, Online Student Success Advisor.