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Introduction to Data Marketing Communications

DMC 660 

Course Description

This course will give an introduction to the entire program with a focus on upcoming curriculum and industry trends as well as an overview of campaign management systems available in the market.

Students learn how to combine multi-channel metrics, baselines, and benchmarks with thoughtful and actionable analysis. They will review the fundamentals of business and marketing measurement, and also learn best practices in data visualization.

This course also includes a quantitative “boot camp” to ensure students are ready to progress to the other courses in the program’s sequence. This “boot camp” will consist of a series of modules, which students must complete concurrently with their other coursework. Completing these modules will ensure that students have a solid understanding of the quantitative terms and concepts needed to succeed in future DMC courses.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 660, students will be able to:

Topics in this course include:

The course description information above was taken directly from the syllabus of a recent section of this DMC course. While it is our intent to provide an accurate overview of the class, please note that courses are updated every term and this information is subject to change in future sections without notice.