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Social Media Optimization

DMC 664

Course Description

A successful organization doesn’t wait for their audience to come to them, but instead takes their message to where their audience can already be found. More and more, that means navigating a rapidly expanding and ever shifting social media landscape. This course is an examination of how data from the social media sphere can be leveraged to ensure marketing communications reach their intended audiences efficiently and effectively.

This course will focus on both gathering data from social media as well as customization of messages for maximum social media reach. Students will focus on how marketing communications initiatives succeed and fail in the social media sphere and which data sets can best inform their social media campaigns. Examines the spectrum of how the emergence of data from the social media sphere can be leveraged and applied to marketing communications strategy, planning and execution to reach audiences efficiently and effectively.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 663, students will be able to:

Topics in this course include:

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