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Susan Emerick hired as Social Media Optimization instructor

Susan Emerick has been hired as an instructor for that Data Marketing Communications online graduate Susan Emerickprogram at West Virginia University. Emerick will teach DMC 664: Social Media Optimization. 

A passionate data-driven marketing change agent, Susan Emerick has navigated the evolution of internet marketing since its inception. She advises clients across the globe developing marketing programs that apply insights from analytics and research to foster long-term, high-value relationships with customers and drive ROI.

Always honing her craft, Emerick stays on top of the evolving emerging technologies landscape to capture new market opportunities created by the global adoption of digital, social and mobile. While leading global enterprise social business and digital marketing programs at IBM, Emerick and her team developed an influencer intelligence system tapping into IBM Watson’s machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence power to establish the technology giant’s digital and social media strategy. An early pioneer in digital and social networking for business, she was instrumental in creating IBM’s social insights practice to continuously apply social listening insights to marketing planning and engagement strategies. As a result, IBM was awarded the 2010 SAMMY (Social Advertising, Media and Marketing) for Best Socialized Business. Additionally, under Susan’s leadership, IBM deployed global practices for social media listening and planning, brand engagement guidelines, social media governance, policy and measurement standards, which support the 400,000+ global workforce to engage effectively in digital and social media.

She’s a proud graduate of Michigan State University where she studied advertising in the College of Communications Arts & Sciences. During her off-the-grid time, she enjoys spending time with her family climbing dunes and walking the shores of Lake Michigan.